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What You Need to Know About Facebook Live Video

When Facebook first released live video streaming options, its users didn’t really understand how it fit in with Facebook’s platform. Now, it is suddenly taking social media by storm. How did this happen? People and groups with high amounts of followers began live streaming major events. For instance, news channels have done live broadcasts through Facebook, allowing its followers to keep up with current stories such as a election speeches. Celebrities have also brought special every day moments to their fan base through live video. An example of this a prominent comedian backstage before a show giving shout outs to their fans. People spend around 3x longer watching live videos compared to videos that are no longer live, making it a great way to get attention.

Branding and Live Video

So yes, live video is working for high-profile people, but what about brands? The brands that are most successful on social media are those that understand how to play the game. By coming off as more human and approachable, users are more willing to interact with brands. Some brands, such as McDonald’s, have already started playing in this field.

Helpful Tips for Using Live Video

  1. Be connected. Have a strong connection to a WiFi network or use 4G. Facebook will not allow the “Go Live” button to work until the connection is strong enough.
  2. Be proactive. Let followers know when the brand plans to go live. Also encourage them to enable notifications so they can be aware of the live stream.
  3. Be interactive. Respond to commenters and answer their questions in order to foster a relationship between the brand and its followers.
  4. Be creative. It cannot be stressed enough that users have high expectations of videos, especially when it comes to brands. Make sure the live streaming content is interesting and entertaining.
  5. Be timely. Stream live with regular frequency to keep up engagement. Marketing agencies such as Infinite Reach Agency can help arrange a social media plan to sync live videos with other social media content appropriately.

For some examples of live video, check out some of Facebook’s favorites.

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