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What it Takes to Be a SMAM

First of all, you may be wondering, what is a SMAM? In the online marketing world, it is the acronym for Social Media Account Manager. This is the person who oversees an account for your company’s client and takes care of all of their social media needs.

This can include a number of aspects depending on the client. Some clients are interested in website alterations and upgrades for the short-term, while others are looking more for a long-term investment of weekly social media postings.

Whatever the case may be, the SMAM’s job is to provide quality service in a timely manner while building a good rapport with their client. The intention is to increase business, and hopefully revenue as well, for their client through their online presence.

SMAM desk

A Relationship

The Social Media Account Manager is in charge of all communications with the client. Whether that is to gather content that they would like the SMAM to use or to get the approval on a design for a change that needs to be made, the account manager is the first point of contact for the client.

This communication may also include in-person meetings at the client’s place of business, meetings online using Hangouts or Skype or even an old-fashioned telephone call. Whatever form of connecting is more comfortable and convenient for the client.

The SMAM also has the pleasure of welcoming each client, letting them know that they are valued and will be taken care of and that we appreciate their business. This can be done in a number of ways, seen in our company website blog, Client Appreciation and How To Show It!


The Social Media Account Manager replies to emails as promptly as possible. They set dates for meetings and make sure that everything is running smoothly with the account.

This means communicating with the web designer, the graphic designer, the marketing manager and the CEO. All of these people contribute to the success of the client and ensure a good experience for each client that they work with during the course of the day.


The SMAM is also in touch with social media and what is trending, what is working for others in the industry and what can help to enhance the quality of service they are providing at their online marketing business.

They are aware of new developments, software and information that can build their skills and broaden their expertise. Taking advantage of trainings and webinars, as well as reading articles on relevant topics are all part of the Social Media Account Manager’s ability to grow and expand their ability to provide what clients want.


The job that a SMAM does gives the client peace of mind knowing that all of their social media and website needs are being taken care of behind the scenes. They can then invest their time in the other aspects of business ownership that need doing.

The best part of being a Social Media Account Manager is knowing that you are making a difference in someone else’s business, that you are freeing them up to have time to do the work they want and love to do, instead of working to promote their business themselves. And, I think we can all say ‘Cheers’ to that!







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