Infinite Reach Agency, How to use LinkedIn for your Business

How to use LinkedIn for your Business

Depending on the type of business you have LinkedIn may be better for finding employees, promoting your business or both.  If you’re business to business, then LinkedIn can be a great tool to find employees and connect with potential customers.  It’s actually 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.  It offers a lot of great tools to help you reach and connect with the people you need to.

The First Step in Your Lead Generation Strategy

You can use LinkedIn as the first step of your lead generation strategy.  Connect with individuals you see as both prospective customers and people who could be great strategic partners.  Once you make those connections on LinkedIn you can move those people into your lead generation plan. Whether that be through requesting an initial meeting for potential strategic partners or asking prospective customers to join your email list, it’s a great place to create those connections.

Establish your Company Page

Just like other social media pages you want to make sure you optimize your LinkedIn company page.  Include a branded header image and be sure to fill out every item applicable to your business.  LinkedIn also offers Showcase Pages which allow you to create branded subpages off your company profile that target a specific demographic from your audience.

For example, Microsoft has Showcase pages that promote Microsoft Office and another one that promotes their training and certification.  It makes it easier for your customers or potential employees to find the content they are interested in without having to scroll through your page.

You can also have a tab for careers, so people looking to work for your company can find out more about the company and the positions you have open.

Infinite Reach Agency, How to use LinkedIn for your Business

Create Your Own LinkedIn Group

Another great way to use LinkedIn is to create your own LinkedIn group.  You can invite people you are already connected with or find a new pool of people through other groups and advanced search features.  Once you establish your group you want to make sure to post quality content and encourage participation from other group members.  Having a group allows you to showcase your expertise and build your list of potential prospects.

Advertise on LinkedIn

You can also advertise your business on LinkedIn.  Whether that be promoting a post on your company page or a specific product, LinkedIn has a similar set of tools as other social networks to help you target the right people.

One of those advertising options is Sponsored InMail, which allows you to send personalized messages to prospects.  This could be a great tool to use when you need to increase attendance to a webinar you are hosting or get the word out about a new product your company is offering.

Infinite Reach Agency, How to use LinkedIn for your Business

Use LinkedIn as a Recruitment Tool

And then of course you can use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.  The advanced search options allow you to target specific people that meet the job qualifications you are looking for.  You can then message them through LinkedIn and see if they are interested in the position.  You can also purchase a job listing which LinkedIn then pushes out to qualified applicants who are searching for a position similar to what you have open.  They also provide you with a list of applicants that could be a good fit for the position you just posted.  So, you can then send InMail to those candidates as well.

LinkedIn has a lot of great tools that businesses can use to not only create an even further reach for their brand but to also build a community of prospective customers and employees.  It allows you to showcase what your business is all about and why people would want to work with you or for you.

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