Infinite Reach Agency, Write Your Best Blog Posts!

Write Your Best Blog Posts!

Any good SMAM (that’s Social Media Account Manager in our world) will tell you that a successful blog can be a huge key in your online and social media presence. We’ve discussed the many things a blog can do for your business before, but now we’re going to analyze the building blocks of this multifaceted strategy: the blog posts themselves.

Blog Titles

These can be a starting point, but more often become the last thing added to a post. A good title is calibrated to maximize the SEO of your blog post, but doesn’t sacrifice style. It should be eye-catching, and make reader want to dive into the content of the post. Ask a question, create a call to action, or reveal what comes next. Is your post in the form of a list? A how-to guide? These crucial details will give readers an idea of what to expect, which will draw them in to read the rest of your post.

The Content

We talk a lot about content creation here at Infinite Reach. Looking for individuals within your target audience, enhancing your style for maximum SEO, and adapting to the jargon and norms of a client’s industry are some of our strengths. It takes a special blend of readability and new ideas to really make readers really think when they come across your blog. Every post you add should reflect this balance.

Every blog post and its content should also follow a few general guidelines. It should be free of grammatical errors, should be stylized for your target audience, and should be different from the content of your previous post. This last part is crucial. Variation will ensure that readers continue to return to your blog. Don’t use the same type of post or subject matter for consecutive blog posts (ie: don’t have two “how to’s” or listicles in a row; alternate instead). Avoiding monotony will keep your current audiences engaged and help to draw in new readers with each installment.


Keep your blog posts short and simple. An in-depth article or guide can be a part of your strategy, but readers coming to the blog for short-form content will lose interest if they come across a text wall. Stick to the relevant facts and examples, and be sure you stay away from “fluff.” This article from sums it up well: “don’t use more words when fewer words will do just fine.”


In the ever-changing online world, it’s important to keep up with trends and hot topics. These can be everything from humorous memes to breaking news stories. Fresh ideas will show your audience that you pay attention to the same things they do. But be wary; too many “hot takes” will distract from your brand, and forcing the joke or reference will come off like a gimmick. Make sure that the trends you address fit within your brand’s scope, so you can stay relevant instead of reaching too far outside your potential customer base.

Non-verbal Content

Images, videos, and other non-verbal content can really strengthen your blog posts. We’ve recently discussed on our blog how graphic design and communicating visually can enhance your brand’s storytelling power.

When choosing images and videos, it’s important not to settle for any old stock images. If you come across an image—even a perfect one for your post—in a similar post by your competitor, don’t use it. You want your images to stand out as much as your words.

Similarly, videos and links to outside articles and content should be thoroughly vetted. Read the articles fully and watch videos to the end, lest you end up quoting a piece that ends up refuting the central claims of your blog post. You must imagine that everyone reading your blog will click on every link, watch every video, and peruse every image you add with scrutiny.


With these guidelines in mind, it’s time to start thinking about how to really harness the power of blogging. Contact us at Infinite Reach today to get started!


Three Keys to Your Holiday Marketing Strategy This Year

Now that we’ve passed Halloween, the season of late fall and winter holidays is officially beginning for many people. Decorations are going up, plans are being finalized, and budgets are being assessed as the end of the year approaches. For your brand, this is a time to really think about the coming months and devise some a marketing strategy for capitalizing on the holiday season. Here are three keys to keep in mind.

Know Your Audience

First, you’ll want to think about how your target audience is spending the season. Will most of them be celebrating holidays? If so, which ones? You don’t want to alienate anyone by focusing on certain holidays but not others, and if your target audience includes people of many different beliefs, make sure to be inclusive! Just like the iconic Starbucks holiday cup that is already drawing speculation, your clients may have expectations that should be taken into account.

The second step to this is to think of how they will be spending those holidays, and how that will relate to your business. For example, many retail businesses will be gearing for Black Friday around this time, preparing special deals and discounts to draw customers in. Restaurants and other food service businesses should have a plan for the holidays that most families will spend at home, and another plan for those days and nights when many people go out. Knowing your audience is something we’ve written about before, and this time of year it’s worth thinking about some more.

Social Media

The holidays should definitely be a factor in your social media strategy for the next few months. Capitalizing on the festive season will boost your engagement and help you to stay relevant with the ever-changing trends on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

There are a ton of creative ways to connect your brand with the holidays on social media. A few of them are:

  • Photo contests—get your clients to send in their best decorations!
  • Donation Drives
  • Giveaways—it’s the season of giving!
  • Themed events—trade your Halloween costumes in for ugly holiday sweaters!
  • Puns—your wit is your friend when it comes to attracting web traffic.

Holiday-themed trends and campaigns are an essential part of your marketing strategy this holiday season.

Don’t Get Lost

Odds are, if you’re using the holidays as a jumping-off point for your marketing strategy, so are your competitors and many other businesses. It’s important to make sure that while you share in the collective good spirits, you still stand out among all the noise on social media and other online traffic.

Staying true to your brand guidelines is the key here: think about your company’s values and how they shape your brand. This will help in determining how your brand elements can be adapted for the season. Our comprehensive look at brand elements here might be a good starting point, as you can think about the goals of your brand in relation to the season. Your unique twist on the holiday spirit will help you and your brand stand out from competitors.


Pros and Cons of Automating Your Marketing Tasks

These days, it seems like machines can do more and more work for us. The rising trend in automation has gone from a sci-fi pipe dream to a daily reality—in other words, the future is now! Most people think of cutting-edge technology like self-driving cars when they think of automation, but have you considered the way in which automation can be harnessed for marketing through Social Media and blogging? Here we’re going to talk about some of the pros and cons of automation and how to harness them for maximum potential.

Pro #1: Consistency

We’ve written before about how important it is to update your web and blog content on a consistent basis. It’s especially helpful in helping your ranking on Google, which helps your business get discovered by new clients. Scheduling content ahead of time is a great way to stick to your content calendar, and a version of the function exists in virtually all blog and website-building programs.

Pro #2: More Time for Other Work

With your blogs set to post for weeks in advance, you can use the extra time for other work, whether it’s marketing-related or another aspect of making your business run smoothly. For, example, if you’re planning an event and want to remind people about it on social media, you can use a tool like TweetDeck to schedule tweets leading up to the time of the event and focus on other important tasks that need to be done before the event. This is much more reliable than saving drafts you may forget about and not send out when this other work come up.

Con #1: Could Disengage Potential Customers

Though the idea of machines being able to think, speak, and write like human beings is intriguing, right now the content produced by software start-ups like Narrative Science is still a little, well, robotic. A recent study found that while algorithm-based articles on recent events matched human-written ones in many aspects, the most glaring difference came in the area of “pleasant to read.” Taking the extra time to have a real, live person write your content is still the best way to go if you want readers (meaning: potential clients) to enjoy it!

Con #2: Less Variation

Actual human interaction is the real basis of Social Media. That means that merely scheduling tweets and Facebook posts to go out into the void isn’t enough to build engagement with followers and customers. Setting aside time for live tweeting, responding to trending topics rather than relying only on scheduled posts, and commenting on or sharing other users’ posts are great ways to keep the human side of social media present in the automated world of cyberspace.


With all the technology at our disposal, it’s easy to fall into two traps: not taking full advantage of the many things it can do, and over reliance on automation to perform tasks. With these pros and cons in mind, you can save yourself time and stress by having content ready to post early, making more space in your schedule for the human side of online marketing.

Infinite Reach Agency, Kristi Church Panel Speaker, Million Dollar Series Event

Kristi Church Panel Speaker – PRESS RELEASE – October 7, 2016

Kristi Church, CEO of Top Phoenix Digital Agency Infinite Reach attends the Million Dollar Business Series as a Panel Speaker.


PHOENIX, October 7, 2016: Yesterday morning, local women business owners were invited to gather at the Burton Barr Central Library for a complimentary Million Dollar Business Series event.  The event focused on information and strategies for women business owners, and featured a panel discussion with experts like Kristi Church, Co-founder and CEO of Infinite Reach Agency. Church touched on topics such as harnessing social media for businesses.

The event was hosted by Susan Brooks, Owner and Founder of Business Solutions for Women Business Owners, whom Church has called “a dear friend and colleague.” Church’s fellow panelists are Rachel Dahl, Owner & Creative Director of Dahl Design Studio and Ilana Lowery, Editor in Chief of Phoenix Business Journal. The main goal of the event was to exchange ideas between the panelists and the audience, and the sharing of information to increase both visibility and sales for women business owners.

Infinite Reach Agency, Kristi Church Panel Speaker, Susan Brook's Million Dollar Series Event     Infinite Reach Agency, Kristi Church Panel Speaker, Susan Brook's Million Dollar Series Event

Church, who also recently opened the body-healthy Mogollon Moose Bakery in Payson, Arizona, drew on a long career in internet marketing to share her first-hand knowledge and take a “deep dive” into the benefits of social media for “increas[ing] your visibility with both clients and potential customers.” Infinite Reach Agency, which she is the sole owner and proprietor of, has recently seen tremendous growth: from 6 clients in 2014 to 23 clients and counting last year. Her staff of 11 is predominantly women, and she will draw on her leadership and mentoring experience to inform the panel discussion.

In addition to Infinite Reach Agency and Mogollon Moose, Church regularly lends her expertise to the Phoenix Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) as Marketing Director, the non-profit Women’s Enterprise Foundation (WEF) as Marketing Chair, and the community organization Partners for Paiute (PfP) as Treasurer & Marketing Director.

About Infinite Reach Agency: Infinite Reach is a full service marketing and visual communications agency located in central Phoenix. Their clients receive everything from SEO-driven web content to website design and corporate photography. The staff of Infinite Reach has over 125 years of combined professional experience.

Media Contact:

Kristi Church
Phoenix, AZ, 85016
Telephone: (602) 535-2188

Infinite Reach Agency, ATHENA Award Nominee

ATHENA Award Nominee Reception – PRESS RELEASE – August 11, 2016

Top Phoenix Digital Agency Infinite Reach attends the 29th Annual ATHENA Awards Nominee Reception in honor of CEO, Kristi Church’s nomination.


PHOENIX, Aug. 11, 2016: Last night, the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa played host to nominees for the 29th Annual ATHENA Awards. Among the Valley businesswomen recognized this year is Co-founder and CEO of Infinite Reach Agency, Kristi Church. This nomination comes in the midst of a wave of excitement for Church: the internet marketing company she has crafted is on the rise, and her newest business venture, Mogollon Moose Bakery, opened earlier this month in Payson, Arizona.

For every year since 1988, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) has celebrated women who demonstrate excellence in local business through the ATHENA Awards program. Named for the Greek goddess of courage and wisdom, the award recognizes three women annually: one in the public sector, one in the private sector, and one up-and-coming young professional. There are three criteria that contribute to a nominee’s success: Leadership, Mentorship, and Community Service. With demonstrable prowess in all three areas, Church also possesses a crucial fourth: passion. She says, “I love my career as a business owner—I wake up smiling with every new day, ready to tackle the challenge to produce results for my clients.”

Infinite Reach Agency, ATHENA Nominee Reception   Infinite Reach Agency, ATHENA Award Nominee Reception, Westin Kierland

Infinite Reach Agency, ATHENA Award Nominee Reception                  Infinite Reach Agency, ATHENA Award Nominee Reception

It is this determination that led her to first co-found Infinite Reach Agency. Driven by a passion for photography, she oversaw the development of a company that now offers creative visual and SEO-driven solutions for a quickly growing list of clients. Today, she is the sole owner and proprietor of Infinite Reach, and has expanded her horizons with the opening of Mogollon Moose, a body-healthy bakery and café. For her staff of predominantly other women, she strongly counsels following one’s passions, and the ATHENA nomination is evidence of her efficacy as a role model.

In addition to the leadership she provides at her businesses, Church also currently serves as the Marketing Director for Phoenix Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Marketing Chair for the non-profit Women’s Enterprise Foundation (WEF), and Treasurer & Marketing Director for the community organization Partners for Paiute (PfP). Her work with these organizations underscores her professional passions in a way that ATHENA Selection Committee has been known to recognize. Advice from 2015 ATHENA Young Professional recipient Ashley Kasarjian included such suggestions as, “Be authentic,” and “learn more about how you can make your community a better place,” which Church has proved herself more than adept at.

The ATHENA Committee will honor recipients at the Awards Luncheon on October 26.

About Infinite Reach Agency:

Infinite Reach is a full service marketing and visual communications agency located in central Phoenix. Their clients receive everything from SEO-driven web content to website design and corporate photography. The staff of Infinite Reach has over 125 years of combined professional experience.

Media Contact:

Kristi Church
Phoenix, AZ, 85004
Telephone: (602) 535-2188


Internet Marketing Chameleon

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing Defined

Internet marketing is a form of marketing that uses the internet in several forms- web, email, and social media. The online landscape is constantly changing and evolving, making it important to be a marketing chameleon of sorts; always adapting and embracing agile marketing ideologies. Of course, traditional forms of marketing such as television, radio, and print ads are still relevant. However, internet marketing has grown to become extremely important to brand success at all points of the marketing funnel. People live online and turn to the internet for many reasons, particularly when it comes to the buying process. Consumers use the internet to become aware of products. They also engage in product research, whether it’s through reading reviews from their peers or comparing prices and features. Now through e-commerce the internet is widely used to actually buy products.

According to CMO by Adobe, online sales are predicted to grow to $370 billion in 2017, up from $231 billion in 2012. Sites like Yelp and various social media outlets allow consumers to promote or demote products and brands. However, about 50% of Millennials say they regularly browse for items that they don’t necessarily plan on buying. This is why internet marketing is important. With the entire buying process now available online, it is essential for brands to maintain an influential presence through web marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing in order to stay competitive.

Web Marketing

Web marketing is a very broad term that encompasses a variety of internet marketing techniques including websites, online advertising in the form of images or videos, sponsored search engine ads, and organic search engine results via search engine optimization, also known as SEO for short.  Always make sure that:

1. Your website gives off a great first impression to potential buyers.

2. Your online ads appear in front of the right buyer personas.

3. Your content is not only relevant, but interesting in order to yield optimized organic search results.

Somewhere around 93% of all online experiences start with a search and about 75% of users never look beyond the first page of search results. SEO helps ensure that users find your website on the first result based off of things like keywords, tags, and content. What’s more, SEO leads have about a 14% close rate, much higher than outbound leads. All of these aspects of web marketing should be in conjunction with one another, creating a seamless brand image that appeals to the right buyers. Professional marketing agencies, such as Infinite Reach Agency in Phoenix, AZ, work their magic to ensure that web marketing is integrated with other forms of internet marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be extremely powerful when performed correctly. You cannot simply send out emails to consumers and expect them to take interest instantly. Instead, it is of high importance that emails contain quality, useful information that is personalized toward the receiver. This article discusses a few ways to make your emails stand out against the many emails consumers receive from brands daily. It is necessary to promote joining the mailing list. Having an opt in form on your webpage can only take you so far. Make sure you have calls to action featured across multiple platforms, not just the webpage, that draw attention to the benefits of receiving emails. Also, each email should be personalized. Include the person’s name and catering to their specific interests. Also be careful to optimize the layout of the emails so important information can be quickly found, no matter what device is being used to read the email. Lastly, make sure emails are leading to conversions. It may seem obvious, but leading users to the appropriate landing page within the site is a key to increasing conversions and bettering the user experience. Email marketing is a wonderful way for people to engage with brands and remain connected with them.

Social Media Marketing

Speaking of connection, about a third of millennials say social media is their preferred channel for engaging with brands. With over 2.1 billion people active on social media, brands are finding ways to join social circles and connect with consumers on a deeper level. Since the average user maintains 5 accounts, brands can reach out to audiences in a variety of ways. The different platforms mean different techniques are needed- whether it’s a 15 second video on Instagram, a carousel on Facebook, or a 140 character post on Twitter, brands are able to tell interesting stories and engage with users on a more personal level. It also allows brands to jump on social trends (although some do it better than others). By reacting uniquely to crazes like “Damn, Daniel” and Shark Week, brands can gain the upper hand. Hootsuite has a great blog on all things social like this one: 18 social media marketing tips. One of the tips: Always be proactive. Much like the brands jumping on social trends, always be listening and engaging with users. Create interesting, and refreshingly relevant content that will win over audiences. Another tip is to know when to outsource your social media. If you didn’t immediately recognize the “Damn, Daniel” reference, then it may be a cue to check in with social media more. Listening and reacting quickly takes dedication and finesse. Experts can stay on top of your accounts without losing your brand’s authentic voice.

The Final Say

We can all laugh about the fact that some people thought the internet was going to be a fad. Filled with challenges and opportunities for marketers, the internet is now integrated in practically everything we do- including the buying process. Keeping up on web, email, and social media marketing makes you an internet marketer. However, putting forth quality content that is directly relevant to your audience makes you a great internet marketer.

The web is becoming more and more cluttered with advertisers that blend into the background, making it easy for consumers to brush by without a second thought. Make sure your internet marketing strategies and tactics have the ability to stand out. Does your website have a fantastic design and information that is tailored to your audiences needs? Are your emails getting reads and clicks? Are your social media posts sparking engagements? If not, then hopefully this article has some helpful tips to get you started in the right direction! Looking for more? Infinite Reach is a marketing agency in the Phoenix area that is qualified to bring your brand’s internet marketing up to speed!