Infinite Reach Agency, Write Your Best Blog Posts!

Write Your Best Blog Posts!

Any good SMAM (that’s Social Media Account Manager in our world) will tell you that a successful blog can be a huge key in your online and social media presence. We’ve discussed the many things a blog can do for your business before, but now we’re going to analyze the building blocks of this multifaceted strategy: the blog posts themselves.

Blog Titles

These can be a starting point, but more often become the last thing added to a post. A good title is calibrated to maximize the SEO of your blog post, but doesn’t sacrifice style. It should be eye-catching, and make reader want to dive into the content of the post. Ask a question, create a call to action, or reveal what comes next. Is your post in the form of a list? A how-to guide? These crucial details will give readers an idea of what to expect, which will draw them in to read the rest of your post.

The Content

We talk a lot about content creation here at Infinite Reach. Looking for individuals within your target audience, enhancing your style for maximum SEO, and adapting to the jargon and norms of a client’s industry are some of our strengths. It takes a special blend of readability and new ideas to really make readers really think when they come across your blog. Every post you add should reflect this balance.

Every blog post and its content should also follow a few general guidelines. It should be free of grammatical errors, should be stylized for your target audience, and should be different from the content of your previous post. This last part is crucial. Variation will ensure that readers continue to return to your blog. Don’t use the same type of post or subject matter for consecutive blog posts (ie: don’t have two “how to’s” or listicles in a row; alternate instead). Avoiding monotony will keep your current audiences engaged and help to draw in new readers with each installment.


Keep your blog posts short and simple. An in-depth article or guide can be a part of your strategy, but readers coming to the blog for short-form content will lose interest if they come across a text wall. Stick to the relevant facts and examples, and be sure you stay away from “fluff.” This article from sums it up well: “don’t use more words when fewer words will do just fine.”


In the ever-changing online world, it’s important to keep up with trends and hot topics. These can be everything from humorous memes to breaking news stories. Fresh ideas will show your audience that you pay attention to the same things they do. But be wary; too many “hot takes” will distract from your brand, and forcing the joke or reference will come off like a gimmick. Make sure that the trends you address fit within your brand’s scope, so you can stay relevant instead of reaching too far outside your potential customer base.

Non-verbal Content

Images, videos, and other non-verbal content can really strengthen your blog posts. We’ve recently discussed on our blog how graphic design and communicating visually can enhance your brand’s storytelling power.

When choosing images and videos, it’s important not to settle for any old stock images. If you come across an image—even a perfect one for your post—in a similar post by your competitor, don’t use it. You want your images to stand out as much as your words.

Similarly, videos and links to outside articles and content should be thoroughly vetted. Read the articles fully and watch videos to the end, lest you end up quoting a piece that ends up refuting the central claims of your blog post. You must imagine that everyone reading your blog will click on every link, watch every video, and peruse every image you add with scrutiny.


With these guidelines in mind, it’s time to start thinking about how to really harness the power of blogging. Contact us at Infinite Reach today to get started!


Blogging for Success

When you think about blogging and your business, what comes to mind? The main reason online businesses use blogging is to connect with their audience. Blogs can allow you to share more information which lets customers and fans be a part of what you are all about.

Blogs Inform

Most blog writing gives your business an opportunity to give your customer a better idea of what you do or what you can provide to them.

For instance, a blog on organizing can give potential clients a better idea of what an organizing company does and can help them see how their services can help them. When you read the tips on how to organize your garage, helpful information is passed along.

Blogs Reveal

Blogging can give your reader an inside look at what kind of business you are and what kind of client you are gearing your services toward.

A blog can help to distinguish you from another business in your industry by revealing a behind the scenes look into the specific vision you have for your company, the values you carry and the employees you have.

You can let your audience know how you stand apart and what is truly unique about the business and the service you provide. Maybe you are an up-and-coming company that really caters to their clients to give them the best possible experience. For more on client appreciation, read our blog, Client Appreciation and How To Show It! 


Blogs Entertain

Blogs can offer a break from the doldrums of life by sharing another point of view. They can be used to give your reader a laugh and show them the lighter side of your business.

Blogs can convey a story to give your audience a day-in-the-life picture of how your business offers. Anything that is outside of the cookie cutter blog, like relaying the unfolding of the day’s events through the eyes of the company mascot, the boss’ dog.

Blogs Engage

Blogs connect with people emotionally and keep them interested through a story or piece of information that they can relate to. If you are supplying something they need, they can relate!

Pictures are also important in a blog, as people are visually engaged and looking for something to interest them and give your words more context. They help draw the reader in and make connections for them that only an image can make.

Blogs Connect

The truth is, blogs keep people coming back for more. Most businesses don’t constantly change the layout of their website; they want that to remain static so people remember their look, their brand, the face of the business.

But blogging keeps the information rolling out, fresh and interesting, giving customers, clients, other businesses or people who are simply browsing an inside look into you and your business.

Whether you write to inform or entertain, the goal is still the same: to connect with your audience and give them a better idea about who you are and what you can provide them. This inside look helps you to build rapport with your clients before they even set foot through your door!





The Importance of Writing Blogs for your Company

Blogs are a simple yet effective way to connect and share with your customers. Communication is key! Blogging is a perfect way to showcase all of your content in one, easy-to-use platform. It gives your company a voice, which produces a place to discuss any number of topics. But most of all, blogs allow your brand’s personality to shine bright and show everyone what you’re all about!

Blogs Send Traffic to Your Website

Blogs encourage interaction with your viewers whether they are commenting and providing feedback or simply reading what you have to say. This creates a chain reaction. Blogging helps you get discovered via social media because each blog post that is created means an opportunity for someone to share it on their social networks- Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will then reveal your business to a whole new audience. If they like what they see, they will share the blog post and you will have so many more additional, engaged viewers to your company and brand.

Blogs Tell Your Brand’s Story

What better way to offer insight into your company’s ideas and employees than writing a blog for your website? Blogs are a fantastic way to show potential and existing customers what makes your business the best and how you can provide them with help.

Infinite Reach is all about their customers! We are experts at what we do and we know we have the potential to bring your business exactly where you would like to see it to go. We take pride in writing blogs that are beneficial to our customers. We want to show all of our viewers what we are all about, how we can help, and all of the capabilities that we have!

Establishing Trust with Blogs

A company wants customers to trust them and believe they are credible, right? People are interested in and buy from those they know and have certainty in. By investing time and creating quality content in your blogs, you are gaining that person’s trust, which makes them more comfortable investing your company.

As you can see, blogs are of great importance when trying to get your company’s name out there. They help demonstrate your knowledge and show customers what you are all about and how you can be of assistance to them.

Social media and blogging is becoming more and more popular so it is important that you use this to your advantage to stand out amongst competitors. Blogging allows you to build credibility while increasing website traffic and boosting your search engine rankings. This is an opportunity that no business should pass up!