Myths About Social Media Marketing

5 Common Myths About Social Media Marketing

As a business owner operating in 2016 you know about social media, but may still get hung up on some of the myths circulating out there on the web. Social Media Marketing can be an amazing tool to help build brand awareness and also help you stay connected and engaged with your customers. So, don’t let these common myths deter you from trying your hand at social media.

It’s not possible to generate leads for your business on social media

If you put the time into optimizing your social media pages and engaging your customers, there’s no reason you can’t generate leads.  Social media is a tool to help build brand awareness and also stay engaged with your customers.  Building that engagement is what helps get the conversation started about your company and in turn drives people to learn more about what you have to offer.

Not enough content to post

Sometimes less can be more when it comes to social posting.  You want to post quality content that’s relevant to your audience and also something they enjoy seeing in their feed each day.  If you’re just posting content to post, that’s not going to get you the engagement you’re looking for and may even lose you some followers. You can also repurpose old content and topics.  Now, you don’t want the same post going out week after week, but if a few weeks went by and you know it’s a topic that resonates with your audience, create a new post around it.

There is no way to measure ROI

As companies continue to flock to social media, these platforms are making it easier and easier to help them measure ROI.  Most offer metrics on the overall page engagement and even more specific data on how certain campaigns performed.  The key is using those metrics with your website analytics to help determine how much social media is contributing to the overall traffic on your page.

You have to be on every social platform out there

You want to be on the same platforms your target audience is on Otherwise, you may be wasting time engaging with people who aren’t even interested in what your business has to offer.  There also might be certain platforms better suited for your type of business. So, do some research and find out which platforms your audience is on and focus your efforts on those.  Also, if you create too many profiles, it’s going to be difficult maintaining them and you never want a profile sitting out there with no activity.

It needs to be all about my business

This is a big one we cover with our social media clients.  Promotional messages are an important component in your social media strategy, but that can’t be all you post about.  We have an 80/20 rule, where we do promotional posts 20% of the time and then use the other 80% to post about meaningful and relevant content to our audience.  Pushing out more than just promotional messaging allows you to create a conversation and build engagement with your followers.

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