Engage customers this Valentine's Day

Engage Your Customers This Valentine’s Day!

It’s February and you know what that means- the month of love. V-Day is just around the corner but here at Infinite Reach, love is in the air all days of the year! Holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, are a great way to engage your customers by posting creative and exciting content on all of your social media sites. We have a few tips for you that will ensure engagement that can ultimately grow your business.


Start a sale that will run the whole month of February. This will encourage customers to come into the store and they will not feel rushed because the sale is all month long rather than just for one day or over one weekend.

It is also a good idea to decorate your social media platforms. Create a Facebook and Twitter header that is centered on Valentine’s Day, hearts and love, while still staying true to your company’s logo. By periodically changing your cover photo on your social media channels, customers and viewers are more likely to check your page more often.

This is also a great opportunity to add images promoting certain products/deals with links to your website. That way, you will be bringing in more traffic. These images will capture your viewers’ attention and reel them in. In no time they will be clicking those links to see the sales you have going on!

Special Offers

Don’t be afraid to post a giveaway onto your social media sites, such as liking or commenting on a specific post to enter to win a gift certificate. Use your own creative hashtags in order to spread the word and reach a greater audience than just your own followers.

Maybe something like “Bring in your loved one to receive 50% off your purchase”. This will encourage customers to come shop and bring their friends or significant other, while at the same time you are engaging your customers. It’s a win-win for all!

Be Creative

Be sure to target EVERYONE on holidays- especially such as this one. It is an important holiday for couples all over, but don’t forget about us single people on this day of the year! The humorous Single Awareness Day has been declared a holiday by single people everywhere who are fed up with being ignored on Valentine’s Day.

As for more creativity across your social media channels, ask questions! That is a fool-proof way to up the engagement. Post a lot of photos, get personal by providing an inside look at your company, share/comment/like your followers’ posts to show that you love them and appreciate them! Do whatever it takes to stand out amongst competitors. 

Tips To Engage

  • Donate time to charity and talk about it
  • Give a small gift to customers
  • Offer a free rose or candy bag for every purchase of $50 or more
  • Give red wrapping for free
  • Use Facebook Ad so you can target according to relationship status
  • Don’t forget to target your male customers

Be Bold

If you want to engage your customers, send an email that is going to catch their eyes. If you’re anything like me, you sometimes just scan over an email when you’re short on time before finding out if you’re interested enough to read the whole thing. You don’t want this to happen to you!

Striking content is a way to grab attention from the reader. Think: V-Day inspired images and creative content that is centered around the specific holiday. Include many links to your websites, blogs, and social media channels. Using a bold approach rather than doing what you normally do will drive engagement to your website.

As you can see, the holidays are a pretty big deal in the business world! Follow these tips and you will be sure to engage customers this Valentine’s Day!

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