Earned Media

Earned Media: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Earned Media- Learn to love it

Earned media is what comes out of a consumer’s experience with a brand. It can be wonderful and it can be painful. A brand is what its customers say it is. But where does one find what people are saying about a brand? Social media. When we think about marketing, we don’t necessarily think about trust, yet earned media is trusted by consumers far more than paid or owned. Why? Because people trust what their peers have to say- and what they’re saying is on social media.

Creative Content > Big Budgets

Social media has become a huge player in the game of earned media. It is an environment where conversations about brands can thrive and relationships can be built between consumer and company. What was once a one-way interaction between brands telling consumers what to believe, is now an equal playing field of listen and respond. It is no longer true that brands with the biggest marketing budget will win. Now, those that know how to actively engage with consumers creatively on social media are the top dogs. Brands have the opportunity to become personable. Believe it or not, brands can construct personalities on social media that consumers love- or love to hate.

Give them something to talk about

Doesn’t it make sense for brands to be where their customers are? Not to say that simply making a Facebook account means you’re golden, but a brand needs to know how to play its cards right. Take a look at the demographics of social media audiences. Should the brand live on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else? Once that audience is located, what does the brand need to be in order to entice likes and interactions? How does the brand offer promotions and ask for feedback? Although there is a much more complex answer, the simple answer is to create content that is exciting and relevant for consumers. Social media management is at the core of earned media success, making it a necessity to have a superior understanding of how social media plays into a brand’s marketing strategy. Infinite Reach Agency understands social media marketing and can help your business flourish on social media. If a brand is what customers say it is, then let’s give them something to talk about.

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