It’s YOUR image. [defined.]

Your image speaks louder than words. In today’s world it’s more important than ever. It’s the first step to creating a personal brand which lets you tell everyone from perspective employers to your blog audience exactly what you want them to know about you or, more importantly, to “see” in you. That’s where we come in. Our Dynamic Professional Headshots aren’t like any others. Just look down the page and you’ll see that they are “designed” with all of your goals in mind. What are your drivers that take you to success? What is your story that communicates who you are? It’s our job to dig in to find the answers and create an image of you that is well defined.

What You Can Expect

We’ll spend time before, during and after your session together. Our photographer, Kristi Church, will get to know you inside and out–and learn several key elements that are important to the goals behind your images. Kristi has studied posing and portraiture–she knows exactly how to visually communicate what you want your images to say. If you’d like to communicate an element of power, elegance and connection or simply open, honest and approachable, or if you want them to scream success… she knows exactly how to bring that out and capture that essence in your images.

Tell Your Story

It’s okay to be bold when telling your story visually through photographed images! Sometimes there’s a bit of anxiety when you know you’re in front of the lens. Don’t fret, we help you relax and give you total permission during your session to open your soul and let the world peek inside…you won’t regret it for one moment! The images that will be captured will give you a sense of pride that you’ll be eager to share!
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