Infinite Reach Agency, Write Your Best Blog Posts!

Write Your Best Blog Posts!

Any good SMAM (that’s Social Media Account Manager in our world) will tell you that a successful blog can be a huge key in your online and social media presence. We’ve discussed the many things a blog can do for your business before, but now we’re going to analyze the building blocks of this multifaceted strategy: the blog posts themselves.

Blog Titles

These can be a starting point, but more often become the last thing added to a post. A good title is calibrated to maximize the SEO of your blog post, but doesn’t sacrifice style. It should be eye-catching, and make reader want to dive into the content of the post. Ask a question, create a call to action, or reveal what comes next. Is your post in the form of a list? A how-to guide? These crucial details will give readers an idea of what to expect, which will draw them in to read the rest of your post.

The Content

We talk a lot about content creation here at Infinite Reach. Looking for individuals within your target audience, enhancing your style for maximum SEO, and adapting to the jargon and norms of a client’s industry are some of our strengths. It takes a special blend of readability and new ideas to really make readers really think when they come across your blog. Every post you add should reflect this balance.

Every blog post and its content should also follow a few general guidelines. It should be free of grammatical errors, should be stylized for your target audience, and should be different from the content of your previous post. This last part is crucial. Variation will ensure that readers continue to return to your blog. Don’t use the same type of post or subject matter for consecutive blog posts (ie: don’t have two “how to’s” or listicles in a row; alternate instead). Avoiding monotony will keep your current audiences engaged and help to draw in new readers with each installment.


Keep your blog posts short and simple. An in-depth article or guide can be a part of your strategy, but readers coming to the blog for short-form content will lose interest if they come across a text wall. Stick to the relevant facts and examples, and be sure you stay away from “fluff.” This article from sums it up well: “don’t use more words when fewer words will do just fine.”


In the ever-changing online world, it’s important to keep up with trends and hot topics. These can be everything from humorous memes to breaking news stories. Fresh ideas will show your audience that you pay attention to the same things they do. But be wary; too many “hot takes” will distract from your brand, and forcing the joke or reference will come off like a gimmick. Make sure that the trends you address fit within your brand’s scope, so you can stay relevant instead of reaching too far outside your potential customer base.

Non-verbal Content

Images, videos, and other non-verbal content can really strengthen your blog posts. We’ve recently discussed on our blog how graphic design and communicating visually can enhance your brand’s storytelling power.

When choosing images and videos, it’s important not to settle for any old stock images. If you come across an image—even a perfect one for your post—in a similar post by your competitor, don’t use it. You want your images to stand out as much as your words.

Similarly, videos and links to outside articles and content should be thoroughly vetted. Read the articles fully and watch videos to the end, lest you end up quoting a piece that ends up refuting the central claims of your blog post. You must imagine that everyone reading your blog will click on every link, watch every video, and peruse every image you add with scrutiny.


With these guidelines in mind, it’s time to start thinking about how to really harness the power of blogging. Contact us at Infinite Reach today to get started!


Pros and Cons of Automating Your Marketing Tasks

These days, it seems like machines can do more and more work for us. The rising trend in automation has gone from a sci-fi pipe dream to a daily reality—in other words, the future is now! Most people think of cutting-edge technology like self-driving cars when they think of automation, but have you considered the way in which automation can be harnessed for marketing through Social Media and blogging? Here we’re going to talk about some of the pros and cons of automation and how to harness them for maximum potential.

Pro #1: Consistency

We’ve written before about how important it is to update your web and blog content on a consistent basis. It’s especially helpful in helping your ranking on Google, which helps your business get discovered by new clients. Scheduling content ahead of time is a great way to stick to your content calendar, and a version of the function exists in virtually all blog and website-building programs.

Pro #2: More Time for Other Work

With your blogs set to post for weeks in advance, you can use the extra time for other work, whether it’s marketing-related or another aspect of making your business run smoothly. For, example, if you’re planning an event and want to remind people about it on social media, you can use a tool like TweetDeck to schedule tweets leading up to the time of the event and focus on other important tasks that need to be done before the event. This is much more reliable than saving drafts you may forget about and not send out when this other work come up.

Con #1: Could Disengage Potential Customers

Though the idea of machines being able to think, speak, and write like human beings is intriguing, right now the content produced by software start-ups like Narrative Science is still a little, well, robotic. A recent study found that while algorithm-based articles on recent events matched human-written ones in many aspects, the most glaring difference came in the area of “pleasant to read.” Taking the extra time to have a real, live person write your content is still the best way to go if you want readers (meaning: potential clients) to enjoy it!

Con #2: Less Variation

Actual human interaction is the real basis of Social Media. That means that merely scheduling tweets and Facebook posts to go out into the void isn’t enough to build engagement with followers and customers. Setting aside time for live tweeting, responding to trending topics rather than relying only on scheduled posts, and commenting on or sharing other users’ posts are great ways to keep the human side of social media present in the automated world of cyberspace.


With all the technology at our disposal, it’s easy to fall into two traps: not taking full advantage of the many things it can do, and over reliance on automation to perform tasks. With these pros and cons in mind, you can save yourself time and stress by having content ready to post early, making more space in your schedule for the human side of online marketing.

Infinite Reach Agency Search Engine Optimization Tips

A Few Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips For Business

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a “methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine” — including sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

Investing in organic SEO is so important – now more than ever. Your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you’re interested in succeeding in terms of online marketing. Search engine optimization remains one of the single most important components of any organization’s branding efforts and online presence.

  • Search engines are grabbing more market share. According to Forbes, somewhere between 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase, and this number is only expected to increase. I know I’m guilty of Yelping before going to any new restaurant!
    • It really won’t be long before virtually everyone is searching for products and services online. It comes down to, do you want viewers to be able to locate your business or not? Without SEO in place, people will have a hard time finding you and will instead find your competitors.
  • Your competitors are doing it. SEO is a never-ending process so you need to always be moving forward and improving your positions so that you don’t lose ground to a competitor who is. Don’t let your competitors out maneuver you by ignoring this valuable tool for your business!

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

You should be conscious of placing appropriate keywords throughout every aspect of your site: your titles, content, URLs, and image names. Think about your keywords as search terms — how would someone looking for information on this topic search for it?

But beware: Putting ridiculous amounts of keywords on your site will get you labeled as a spammer, and search engine spiders are programmed to ignore sites guilty of “keyword-stuffing.” Be strategic in your keyword use.

Link Back to Yourself

There’s probably no more basic strategy for SEO than the integration of internal links into your site – it’s an easy way to boost traffic to individual pages.

You should make it standard to link back to your site frequently when creating new content. As with all other SEO approaches, be sure your links are appropriate, and be careful not to cross the line into excessive linking — you don’t want your visitors to get annoyed.

Image Descriptions

Adding an “ALT” tag allows you to include a keyword-rich description for every image in your blog/on your site. The visible text around your images is also valuable for SEO: add captions to all of your pictures and be descriptive with the text that’s around close your images.

Social Media Distribution

Another important SEO strategy is to distribute links of the fresh content on your site across your social networking platforms. Whether displayed on your company’s account, or recommended, re-tweeted, and re-distributed by someone else, this strategy exponentially multiplies the number of places where visitors will view your links.

Why Infinite Reach?

At Infinite Reach, we are website optimization experts! Our team has the experience of placing you exactly where you need to be on the web in order to be found.

From retargeting ads and pay per click to strategic citations and link building to optimized mobile sites, we’re there to keep you in front of your target audience so you can deliver the message you’ve crafted perfectly!

78% of website searches are done on a mobile device and that number keeps growing. Nearly every buying decision starts with an online search and what we’ve found to be true is that mobile users are constantly in “buying mode.” Get noticed. Get ranked. Get More Business.

Contact us today!

Infinite Reach Facebook page likes blog post

How to Increase your Facebook Page Likes

Now that you have created your Facebook Business page, you may be wondering how to build a following and get Facebook page likes. Well, unfortunately there is no one, simple trick to gain followers. It takes time and commitment. You have to be dedicated to providing your fans with quality content and a reason to engage with your brand. These tips will help you get started growing your following.

Fill Out Your Page Completely

When you create your business page make sure you complete all the sections. People want to know who you are and what you are all about. On your ‘About’ page, make sure you include a complete description of your business, along with your website, address, and your hours of operation. The more information you give your audience, the more chances you have of connecting with fans.

Another aspect of your page that you should pay special attention to is your profile picture and cover photo. These images are often the first thing people see when they come to your page, so you want to make sure that they look professional, and are in keeping with your brand.

Promote Your Page Outside of Facebook

Once you have created your page, you will want to let your current clients, customers, and friends know about it. There are many ways to promote your page outside of Facebook. The first thing you should do is include a link to your page to your email signature. This is usually very easy to do, a quick google search on “how to add a Facebook link” to your email platform will provide you with plenty of information on how to install the link.

The second thing you can do to promote your page outside the platform, is to include a Facebook link on your website. There are several ways you can do this. You can add it to the header and footer of your pages, or place it in the top corner of the page, depending on your current layout. You can also include a link to your Facebook page in your blog posts. The easier you make it for people to get to and like your page, the more likely you are to grow your following.

When it comes to growing your fan base, the key is to promote, promote, promote! The more you promote your Facebook page, the more people will see it. You can promote your business page on your other social platforms. You can add links to your Facebook page in you twitter posts, and in your Google+ updates. Including a link to your Facebook page in your LinkedIn profile can be invaluable in reaching like minded people to connect with on your Facebook page. After all, you are already connected on LinkedIn, so you must have some things in common already. It is easier to convert those who are already interested, or those who feel they have a connection to you and your brand.

There are many ways to gain followers on Facebook. When you are trying to gain an initial following, the more your fans know about you, the better. The more connected they feel to you, the more connected they will feel to your brand. Now get out there, promote your new Facebook Business page and grow your following!

Infinite Reach Building Twitter Engagement Blog

Tips for Building Twitter Engagement

Twitter is an extremely popular and important social media platform. It currently has over 270 million active monthly users who send more than 500 million tweets per day.

Can you even imagine…500 million tweets a day? It is mind-boggling to say the least. (don’t worry, I am not going to advise you to send millions of tweets per day!) If you are still asking yourself whether Twitter is important or not when it comes to your social media presence- the answer is Yes!

Now that you know you need to be more involved on Twitter, here are some excellent tips for building Twitter engagement and gaining followers.

Building Twitter Engagement

Infinite Reach Building Twitter Engagement BlogBuilding engagement on any social media site takes time and attention, and Twitter is no different. (Check out this article on Facebook Engagement) Everywhere you look these days you see people interacting with social media. But they are not just blindly following everyone, they only follow brands that they feel offer them something of real value.

There is some confusion as to what exactly engagement means in the social media world.  What engagement means on Twitter is, any time someone reacts to your posts or talks about, or to, you. That is, whenever someone likes, re-tweets, clicks on, or comments on your posts. As well as any time someone responds to you, sends you a message, or mentions you in a tweet.

Include Images in Your Tweets

Infinite Reach Building Twitter Engagement BlogNow let’s talk about how to build this engagement. One of the best ways to get attention is by using images in your tweets. Sandra Vega from Twitter reports that Tweets that include rich media like images and video’s, get an average of 313% more engagement and over 50% more re-tweets.

Images can include photos, funny memes, inspirational quotes, video’s, or infographics to name a few. Funny and inspirational posts are great for building engagement. Everyone likes to laugh and they feel more inclined to share something that makes them feel happy.

Use Hashtags in Your Tweets

This may seem like redundant advice. I mean it is Twitter, and they did invent the Hashtag! But most people either don’t use hashtags, or worse yet, don’t use them correctly. Hashtags were invented by Twitter as a way to categorize the posts.

The most important thing to remember when using hashtags is not to use too many. Nobody wants to read a post that is all hashtags. It becomes hard to read and looks more like a commercial or sales pitch than real, sincere content. Your followers can see through shallow attempts to get their attention by using a lot of hashtags. The general rule is not more than 3 to 4 hashtags per post.

Include Links in Your Tweets

Now that we have talked about images and hashtags, the third thing you should be including in your tweets is links to articles and websites. Providing something of value to your customers means searching out articles and websites that can help your followers solve a problem or issue they may be having.

Including a link to a credible and authoritative website will not only help your followers, it will help you in many ways. It will help you become more credible and authoritative. This is one of the times when being ‘guilty by association’ is a good thing. It can also help you gain followers.

When your current group shares your tweet, their friends naturally become curious about the company they are re-tweeting. Then they make their way to your page. It is a win-win. Believe it or not, it strengthens their relationship with their friend at the same time it allows them to grow a new relationship with you and your brand.

Navigating the Twittersphere can be confusing, but if you follow these three pieces of advice you will do well. As a matter of fact, Sandra Vega of Twitter says the formula for the perfect Tweet is (Image + Hashtag + link). So get out there and create an engaged following.

If you have any questions or need help with Twitter or any other Social Media Platforms, contact us today!


Infinite Reach Agency Building Facebook Engagement

4 Tips for Building Facebook Engagement

Building Facebook engagement can be tricky even for a seasoned expert. The most important thing to remember is that you are not just building a customer base, you are building relationships. If people feel like you care about them they will be more likely to engage with you and your brand.

Engagement on Facebook is anytime someone shares, likes, or comments or your post. In general, you will get more engagement from posts than you will get from shares. But if you do share a post, at least write something; add your opinion of why you agree or disagree with the article or post.

There are many ways to build engagement on Facebook and you should do what works for you and your company, but these tips will help you get started building those relationships.

Infinite Reach Agency Building Facebook Engagement blog

1: Include Quality Images

Including images in your posts is a sure fire way to build engagement. People are very visual, if you can tell your story with a picture, you are more likely to get their attention and get them interested. Posts that include pictures are twice as effective at building engagement than a status update with no picture.

There are many websites where you can get high quality stock photos like and The best place to get pictures for your Facebook page is to take them yourself. People really connect when you get personal, so don’t be afraid to share your own pictures and stories.

2: Use More Videos

Videos are another great way to improve your numbers when you are building Facebook engagement. Adding video to a post can improve your engagement level by up to 12% on average. Facebook did not like the popularity of sites like YouTube so they started giving priority to posts including videos. That means that a post that includes a video will have a much further reach than one without a video.

3: Hold a Contest

People love a contest. 35% of Facebook users admit to liking a page just to join a contest, and another 42% liked a page for a chance to get a coupon or a discount. You can either give away a tangible prize or the prize can be a mention or a feature on your website or Facebook page.

There are many kinds of contests. You can offer a prize to just one winner, or you can give everyone a prize by way of a coupon or discount offer. The keywords “coupon” and “$ off” can increase your engagement 39% to 55%. That is incredible.

4: Ask Questions

Maybe the best way to build engagement is to Ask Questions! This may also be the most obvious but also the most overlooked way to build engagement. Think about it, when you want to start a conversation with someone, you either say something witty, or you ask them a question.

Questions get your fans talking. Perhaps the best way to get anyone talking is to ask them about something that they care about and that is also the best way to get people talking or “engaged” with you and your brand.

Posts with questions get an average of 100% more comments than other posts. These posts get fewer likes and shares, but if you are looking for engagement, there is nothing better than getting your friends and fans talking to you.

Like I said before, building Facebook engagement can be tough, but these 4 tricks are tried and true. If you include at least some of these tactics in your social media plan, you are sure to increase your engagement rate. If you have any questions or need help with your social media needs, please contact us. We would love to talk to you today!



creating images

Creating Images for Your Social Media

I wish I had that instinct knack for creating images and designing graphics to use for our clients or for our own company’s social media purposes.

Our Infinite Reach graphic designers are truly amazing! Anytime I ask for a graphic to be created or a client even needs a new cover photo for Facebook, I am always in awe with the end product.

As Andy Warhol said, “I never read I just look at pictures” and I’m sure many of us can agree with that statement. There’s no doubt that images are an extremely important aspect of social media marketing. They help to drive greater online engagement and keep users interested. To me, a picture says 1,000 words!

images are important

For the Non-Designers…

46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies. Both video and infographics have become powerful tools for companies looking to communicate easily with their readers. So, if you’re looking to add some spice to your next social media post, then add some images.

So you want to create eye-catching images. Do you want to engage with your viewers? It can be difficult, but there are some key principles in learning how to create images to use for social that work every time.

Create a Balanced Layout

You want the picture to be simple and balanced. The layout of the objects in your images can make all the difference in the way the final photo turns out. The image below is super easy on the eyes. If the pencils were scattered and the books were all over the place, the photo wouldn’t be as great to look at.

balance in images

Proximity in Your Images

Something else that’s important when creating your own designed images is the proximity and the alignment. Merriam-Webster defines proximity as “the state of being near.” So in our case, grouping different elements of a picture together so that the viewer can see various parts of the message you are trying to convey.

For example, you don’t want an icon too close to the text of a picture in very close proximity because you want each component of the picture to stand apart and fulfill its own role. Take a look at the ad below. The icon visually communicates details about the brand itself, while the text communicates what this particular chapstick brand does for your lips.

proximity in ads and images


Leslie Cabarga is the author of The Designer’s Guide to Colour Combinations. She believes that color is not just a visual element, but it’s also emotional. She says that:

“A poor choice of colors affects us subconsciously is a fact observed by many real estate agents. Potential buyers viewing a house with ugly wallpaper will often reject the whole house. I recall as a child not being able to eat in a certain restaurant whose walls were painted a pale, 1950s green.”

If color really does elicit emotions in us all, then you can see why it’s so important to choose colors for your  images that will draw people in.

Make sure you think about the role the colors will play in your creations! You want to also make sure that you’re creating contrast.


Are you creating a graphic that has wording on it? Be sure to choose fonts that are not only readable and consistent, but also fonts that communicate a message about your brand and your company.

Think of choosing a font like selecting an outfit to wear. The clothes that you choose reflect who you are as a person and also parts of your personality and style. If you walk into an interview for a new job wearing a t-shirt and jeans rather than a suit, you will leave the employer with a very different impression of you.

How to Select Fonts for Your Graphics:

  1. Simple is always better.
  2. Try and steer clear from fancy fonts.
  3. Be consistent by using the same font repeatedly for all of your graphics.


Take notes, non-designers! If you’re feeling brave enough to create your own image, I would love to see some photos in the comments. Also, let me know what resources have helped you nail down some great designs!

success in team

Success: Making it Happen!

This year at Infinite Reach Agency, we chose a new motto to really set the tone for 2016 and make it a success; a sentiment that would embody the spirit of our team and encourage and inspire us to new heights in our marketing services: ‘Make it Happen!’

It has confidence and power behind it and sparks us to action. The phrase came from one of our very own employees, and really struck a cord with Infinite Reach co-founder, Kristi Church. The phrase says that the project will get taken care of with enthusiasm and persistence. Doing what it takes to get the job done, and done well.

Following Your Dreams

It requires hard work to start up your own business. Talk to any small business owner, and they will tell you that it’s no walk in the park. Most small businesses struggle to establish themselves, and some do not make it through this begining phase.

But for those that do, the rewards are sweet! What an accomplishment to put your dreams on the line and see them materialize as you gain a foothold in your industry and gain a following of loyal customers! There is nothing better than the taste of success.

Exceeding Expectations

Infinite Reach Agency continues to grow and thrive in the marketing arena. People know that we provide quality customer service and create excellent products, whether it is our web design, social media management, blog writing, corporate photography or our search engine optimization.

We have a strong rapport with our clients that bring in new customers by word of mouth referrals. What a great testament to our ability to not only satisfy our client’s needs, but exceed them. We are confident that we can improve your business!

success in team

Giving it our Best

Our motto really helps to bring the best out in us, which is what we give to our clients every day. After all, our clients are our most valuable asset. Without them, there would be no Infinite Reach. Our customers are our number one priority!

Each member of our team is a valued player and brings something unique to the table. We each have our own experiences, skills and ideas that contribute to the team as a whole and the success of the company. When the pressure is on, we Make it Happen!

Willing to Show Up

Our team works together to provide services in a professional manner while maintaining a sense of lightness and fun. Kristi bought mugs for the team to use with our new motto on them. A good visual reminder of our dedication to our clients and their success.

With this attitude, it is easy to see how Infinite Reach continues to show up and bring in amazing customers! Our team is enthusiastic about the future and ready to take the necessary steps to continue to make our company a standout business.

Success is within Reach

Make it Happen! Be willing to put in the effort and energy to see yourself or your business become a success! What can you apply this to in your life today that would make all the difference?




What Guerrilla Marketing Can Do For Your Business

What is guerrilla marketing, you ask? It’s all about expressing your personal imagination and creativity! While it may be an unconventional marketing strategy, it has been a successful strategy for small businesses.

This specific type of marketing relies heavily on taking the customer by surprise by making a lasting impression. It is about creating something that will really get people talking after seeing your advertisement! Most guerrilla marketing campaigns aim to ignite the consumer on a more memorable level.

Small Business Advantage

So why is guerrilla marketing ideal for small businesses? This type of advertising is a great way to reach a massive audience without breaking the bank. Below is a great example of a guerrilla marketing campaign done by Cocoa-Cola. They “created happiness” for some lucky college students!

When executed well, guerrilla marketing is a wonderful way to get your small business noticed. At a low cost, you can set yourself apart from the competition and show consumers how different and fun your company is!

Take it from Jay Conrad Levinson, the man who coined the term. Here is a list of some of the most important ways he thinks guerrilla marketing differs from traditional marketing:

  • “Instead of investing money in the marketing process, you invest time, energy and imagination.”
  • “Instead of ignoring customers once they’ve purchased, you have a fervent devotion to customer follow-up.”
  • “Instead of believing that single marketing weapons such as advertising work, guerrillas know that only marketing combinations work.”

Guerrilla Marketing=Taking a Risk

As a small business, it can be a good thing to take a risk every once and awhile. Basically any company can utilize guerrilla marketing, but it definitely requires you to step outside of your comfort zone and do something new and exciting that as a business, has never been done before.

If you want to take a safer route, try online guerrilla marketing tactics. LinkedIn, in my opinion, is the most powerful social networking site, and you should take advantage of it for the advancement of your business!

Moreover, creating a LinkedIn group is a great way to gain exposure. “LinkedIn Groups provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.”

LinkedIn also offers a tool called LinkedIn Events, which allows marketers and other professionals to promote an upcoming event. This creates an opportunity for your business to put your event out there, which will then enable users to promote the event through their profiles and personal network page.

Guerrilla marketing can be anything your business wants it to be, as long as it’s something unexpected, eye-catching, and unforgettable. Just make sure your strategy represents your brand and your customers! Whether through online or in person, this marketing strategy creates awareness and is bound to generate more traffic to your business- for little to no cost!


Four Things You Can Do for Your Internet Marketing Now

Online marketing—every business needs it! Why? Because the Internet is THE number one source for business referrals. A strong web presence is critical to the success of your business. It is the go-to place to find just about any product or service you can imagine.

New to the world of cyber marketing? Here are four things you can do for your Internet marketing now.

1. Understand the different types of online marketing.

Content Marketing: This inclusive term describes the most published Internet marketing content—also known as blogs—that is used to attract customers. Typically, this type of online marketing is linked to other types of web marketing. If your website features blog posts, it will be more relevant to most search engines, which, in turn, will make it easier for potential customers to find. Content marketing also can serve as a “soft sell” for your product or service, bring attention to the need for that product or service and then drive business to your company.

Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the most widely used forms of search engine marketing. With PPC, a sponsored ad is put into the results of a web search. Whenever someone clicks on the ad, the business placing the ad pays the search engine provider an agreed upon amount. On the positive side, PPL guarantees your business a constant presence in search results but it comes at a cost. SEO, on the other hand, concentrates on moving your business up in the rankings and it’s free.

Social Media Marketing: Geared more to a younger audience, this type of online marketing has grown in popularity. While it’s inexpensive, it requires a bit of acumen to implement. You might want to reach out to an experienced Phoenix Internet Marketing Company for this one.

2. Identify your target market.

If you are going to put the time and money into online marketing be sure you are going after the right target market. When you have a good idea of who your customer is you can generate better attention-getting advertising and promotional material to lure them in.

So how do you find that audience?

Start by identifying the problem your product or service solves. Next list the characteristics of an average customer in an effort to pinpoint your target market. It’s also important to know who makes up your primary audience. They are the ones who need your product or service the most. For example, if your business specializes in home security systems, your primary customer may live in a residential area with a high crime rate.

3. Take steps to increase web traffic to your site.

The Internet has become a dog eat dog world when it comes to driving customers to your website. The competition is fierce and it’s every business for itself.

What’s a business to do? In cyber space content is king. Use it to entice potential customers to visit your site. Make it easy for visitors to share their experience on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites.

Including an irresistible offer and a call to action on each page also can drive web traffic. Make sure your visitors know exactly what it is you want them to do. It could be signing up for an e-newsletter or a free 15-minute consultation. Offering something that relates to your business and appeals to your target market is another way to increase web traffic. It can be a free ebook, white paper or anything that’s been specifically written for your target customer.

4. Boost your website ranking.

Search engines continue to drive the majority of visitors to websites. That’s why it’s important to have a website that is search engine friendly. Also, every page should be optimized and designed for mobile search. Keywords and keyword phrases also play a critical role in boosting your website ranking. Keywords are what someone types into a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo Search, Ask or Bing, when they’re “searching” for something. Generate a list of keywords or phrases people might use to find your website. Take advantage of tools, like Google Keyword Tool, to get an idea of the most searched phrases. Integrate several of them throughout your website in titles, content, even rename your images to contain the keywords or phrase.

Another way to boost your website ranking is by adding captions to your pictures and images that incorporate your keywords. Add an ALT tag to describe the image. Don’t forget to include the same keyword phrase in the text near the image.

Search engines want to be sure users have access to the most up-to-date information. So be sure your website content is updated regularly. Doing so tells search engines that your site is ever-changing and current.

Like it or not, Internet marketing is here to stay. In the future, it will become an even greater force when it comes to how businesses do business.

Whether you’re new to online marketing or a seasoned professional, implementing these strategies can help you break down barriers and use this modern communication tool to your advantage.

Need help creating a web presence? We’ve got you covered! From August 1st – September 30th get 15% off our web design services.  If you’re a member of NAWBO get an additional 5% off! Don’t miss out contact us today.