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Client Appreciation and How To Show It!

At Infinite Reach, our clients are our top priority. We appreciate every single one of our customers because they are what keeps our company going! Customer relations and keeping each client happy is what we strive to do as a small business.

As a small gesture to express our appreciation to our new clients, we send a box of DELICIOUS Urban Cookies, because who doesn’t love a nice sweet treat every once and awhile?

At Infinite Reach, you’re more than just another client. Our team is full of experts in marketing and visual communication, and we take pride in that fact. As a client of ours, you’re going to receive the best customer service and the best possible performance.

We Love Each Client of Ours

Recently, we accepted a beautifully written testimonial from one of our clients, Bridges Conner. Bridges is the founder and owner of GOWB + CO, which is compiled of a team of expert organizing consultants. This is what she had to say about her experience with our team here at Infinite Reach:

“I have been thrilled with the personalized service and support that I have received with Infinite Reach Agency. In a very short period of time, I have seen an increased “excitement” from my social media, increased emails requesting consultations for my services and an acknowledgement from my peers that something is going on with Get Organized with Bridges + CO!  I appreciate the organic approach they have taken to get my business ranked and rolling. I have worked closely with my Account Manager and I have been appreciative of her support and gentle (yet persistent) approach to gather the information that she needs to get the job accomplished! Thank you…”

No, thank you! We absolutely treasure these kind words, and truly value what our clients have to say about our company.

So, what are some ways you can show that you care for your clients?

How To Say “Thank You”

  • The Old-Fashioned Way
    • Send a letter! With this simple gesture, you are showing you care. Especially in a world of quick tweets and likes, this is a very thoughtful way of showing your appreciation.
  • The Present-Day Way
    • Post a thank you blurb on your social media sites and tag the client. Even go as far as to making a personal video and post that on your business website or social media pages.
  • Send a Gift
    • Send a homemade gift bag with a note to show your appreciation. A gift card, bouquet of flowers, or a yummy Edible Arrangements are wonderful ideas as well. We love sending boxes of cookies out to our new clients!
  • Pay it Forward
    • Does your client believe in a special cause, something they hold near and dear to their heart? Sign up to volunteer at the cause’s next upcoming event. The best gifts come from the heart after all.
  • Post Blogs/Articles Relevant to Your Client
    • Creating and posting daily blogs and articles to your website and social media channels will help your customers! If you are posting intelligent and informative information that your clients can benefit from, you are helping them out more than you know.
  • Throw a Party
    • Ever want to host a Spring Fling event? Maybe just throw a get together for no reason at all? This is a perfect way to have a good time and provide your customers with a fun-filled day, while also thanking them for their commitment to your company.
  • Welcome Feedback
    • What can you be doing differently, better or more of? Your clients are the perfect people to ask! Their insights will not only help your company as a whole, but also show you value their opinion.
  • Simply…
    • Be a good person. Providing your customers with extraordinary customer service is key! It says thank you with every interaction. It is an easy yet effective way to show your gratitude.

Infinite Reach strives to be the best media agency for each of our clients. Learn more about our company here.

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Independents Week Arizona

Saturday, June 27th marked the beginning of Independents Week! As a local small business, we are excited to be participating and supporting the local economy.  Through July 5th we are offering 20% off our graphic and web design services and annual contracts for SEO and social media management.  Don’t miss out, contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation!

What is Independents Week?

Independents week is a national campaign organized by the American Independent Business Alliance.  Its goal is to “engage local independent businesses and people in the community to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom their local businesses embody.” Local First AZ promotes this campaign and helps raise awareness of locally owned businesses participating in this statewide event. You can find the full list of participating businesses and get your Golden Coupon here.

Ways you can get involved

Did you know that spending your money at locally run businesses helps keep up to four times more of your dollars in the local economy? These dollars then translate into more local jobs, and also strengthens local services like police and libraries.  To help support this movement you can become a Localist with Local First AZ and also pledge to #BuyLocal during #IndieWeek.

Have you heard about our contest?

We want to encourage people to #BuyLocal this week and support as many local businesses they can.  Tag us and share how you plan to #BuyLocal through July 5th for a chance to win a free web design graphic from Infinite Reach Agency! Learn more about this contest and how to enter here.

Young Entrepreneurs Year in Review

Entrepreneurs and Giving Back

We were asked to be the official photographers for the first year of the of the very first Arizona chapter of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, sponsored by NAWBO! While we’ve only been able to attend a handful of events this year, we’ve captured some great photographs of the students, that now have become their own CEO’s and have since created their own companies. It’s really exciting and inspiring to see these young adults grab their futures by the reigns and go forth into entrepreneurship! Just imagine where they’ll be in 10 years!

Kristi Church Media has had the honor of working alongside an amazing friend and mentor, Lynda Bishop and her team of instructors for what has been a incredible experience not only for the parents and the Young Entrepreneur Academy students, but for us as well. If you ever need to be charged up about what you’re doing and where you’re going with your business, stop in on one of their class nights and you’ll walk away with just the shot in the arm that you need to take your business to the next level.

Each student has dedicated an afternoon/evening a week after school for the entire school year to be a part of this new chapter in Phoenix. Talk about commitment! On a recent class night, we were on site and captured professional head shots of the young entrepreneurs. Last night the newly designated CEO’s had the opportunity to pitch their company idea, balance sheets and creative to a panel of investors “Shark Tank” style. It was eye opening to see the work that each of them put into their presentations and they ALL did so great! We’ll have a separate blog with photos in the next week. In the meantime, take a look at how their year has been so far. Fun!

Stay tuned for more soon!



100 Pedals: Commitment to Overcome Adversity

The story of Dave Cooke’s own journey to overcoming tremendous adversity and announcing his upcoming 5000 mile, 14 city, coast-to-coast-to-Detroit “100 Pedals Ride” that he’ll do in the Spring/Summer of 2014 while demonstrating how the experiences of that ride will inspire commitment, and the pursuit of other inspiring stories of overcoming adversity from others across the U.S.


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