Infinite Reach Agency Search Engine Optimization Tips

A Few Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips For Business

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a “methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine” — including sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Why is Search Engine Optimization Important? Investing in organic SEO […]

Infinite Reach Agency, Using a SWOT Analysis for your Marketing Plan

Using a SWOT Analysis for your Marketing Plan

If you went to business school, you remember the numerous SWOT analyses you had to put together throughout your college education.  At the time, they almost seemed too simplistic, but as you moved into your career and started a business you realized how invaluable this tool really was. A SWOT analysis is a great way […]


A Good Attitude

Having a good attitude in the workplace is essential to success in the business world, and in marketing in particular. People enjoy and want to connect more with someone who is open and friendly, that allows them to feel at ease. What is a good attitude? A person who is cheerful and makes the best […]

Infinite Reach Facebook page likes blog post

How to Increase your Facebook Page Likes

Now that you have created your Facebook Business page, you may be wondering how to build a following and get Facebook page likes. Well, unfortunately there is no one, simple trick to gain followers. It takes time and commitment. You have to be dedicated to providing your fans with quality content and a reason to […]


The Benefits of Sustainable Business Practices

Has your business gone green? It seems these days, certain aspects of doing business are almost a necessity. Treating your employees well ensures they’ll do their best work, and treating your clients well ensures they’ll remain loyal and let you turn a profit. But what about how you treat the very land you do business […]

Infinite Reach Agency, Kristi Church Panel Speaker, Million Dollar Series Event

Kristi Church Panel Speaker – PRESS RELEASE – October 7, 2016

Kristi Church, CEO of Top Phoenix Digital Agency Infinite Reach attends the Million Dollar Business Series as a Panel Speaker. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PHOENIX, October 7, 2016: Yesterday morning, local women business owners were invited to gather at the Burton Barr Central Library for a complimentary Million Dollar Business Series event.  The event focused on […]


Are You an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur, according to definition, is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. It is a French word for ‘one that undertakes’. Does this definition describe you? Running Your Own Business In order to run your own business, you must have an entrepreneurial spirit. A person […]

Your Quick Guide to the Adobe Creative Suite, Infinite Reach Agency

Your Quick Guide to the Adobe Creative Suite

As a small business owner you tend to have to become a jack of all trades, especially when you first start out.  That means doing your own billing, accounting, hiring and even marketing.  With marketing comes the need for ads, websites and collateral, all of which require you to dig into the Adobe Creative Suite.  […]

infinite reach instagram social media take over

Instagram Is Taking Over Social Media – Do You Agree?

If you’re not addicted to checking your Instagram feed at least five times a day, you probably know a few people who are. Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular social media app – not only for its ability to share photos, but because it’s become more of a network. It’s great for new membership growth, […]


How to Tell Your Company’s Origin Story, and Why

People love a good story, and especially a good origin story. It’s a form that has persisted in many cultures for centuries, from the Book of Genesis right up to the latest film to reboot a superhero franchise. The popularity of this form is something you—and your business—can harness in several ways to help both […]