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Social Media Management: Why you should act now!

When thinking about the benefits of engaging with consumers on social media, there are some obvious benefits that come to mind first: brand awareness, measurement capabilities, and opportunities to push sales. However, there are some less obvious, but extremely important benefits when it comes to social media management. Participation Is Key Yes, posting on social […]

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Elements

Brand element design and maintenance are essential pieces of brand management. According to Strategic Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller, brand elements, also known as brand identities, are devices that allow a brand to be identifiable and differentiable. These devices are things like logos, brand names, slogans, jingles, packaging, and so on. Think of some famous […]

Best Practices of Social Media Marketing

Back in the good old days of the Mad Men era, advertising lived and died by television, radio, newspaper, and billboards. You simply had your creative directors, account managers, artists, and so on. Not even the great Don Draper or Peggy Olsen could have predicted that one day, newspapers and magazines would be struggling to […]

What You Need to Know About Facebook Live Video

When Facebook first released live video streaming options, its users didn’t really understand how it fit in with Facebook’s platform. Now, it is suddenly taking social media by storm. How did this happen? People and groups with high amounts of followers began live streaming major events. For instance, news channels have done live broadcasts through […]

Virtual Reality and What It Means to Marketing

Yes, it’s 2016 and you are reading an article on virtual reality. Let’s just take a moment to realize how cool that is! If you haven’t yet been taken into the world of VR, pull out your smart phone (if you’re not on it already) and check out this awesome video. This video is shot […]

Content Creation: A Best Practices Guide

Think of content creation as a venn diagram. On one side, you have the audience’s needs. On the other side, you have the brand’s goals. These two sides meet with interesting, purposeful, unique content. It should be simple to identify brand goals, however, clearly identifying its audience’s needs is more of a process. It helps […]

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing Defined Internet marketing is a form of marketing that uses the internet in several forms- web, email, and social media. The online landscape is constantly changing and evolving, making it important to be a marketing chameleon of sorts; always adapting and embracing agile marketing ideologies. Of course, traditional forms of marketing such as […]