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Instagram; It Keeps Getting Better and Better

In the world of Instagram, things are just absolutely incredible. More and more people are finding ways to use the real-time online mobile platform to create trends, re-invent their style and brand all the way to producing and then also broadcasting a new thriller in short 15 second episodes as in Shield 5. I’m completely […]

How to Write Quality Content Now!

Here’s what we always tell our clients…Writing quality content on a regular basis is one of the most important and essential components to grow your Google rankings and as a result, your business. As your rankings grow, your business grows. Content became king last fall as Google rolled out an update which affected sites that […]

What Your Branding Colors Communicate to Your Clients

When choosing a color for your branding, it’s important to think carefully. Colors bring along different meanings and feelings to your clients, and it can mean the difference between clients choosing you for their projects or going with your competition. It seems like a strange consideration. Could color really have that much of an impact? […]

Easy Ways to Monetize Blog Posts

You’ve been blogging for quite a few years now I would imagine. I also would bet money that you didn’t start blogging to make a living at it, but rather for the love of writing. Over the last few years, making an income from blogging might have seemed a far off possibility and quickly developed into a […]

Infinite Reach Agency PRESS RELEASE – June 19, 2016

Top Phoenix Digital Agency Infinite Reach Hires Katelyn Flores, Expands to New Office With Flores as new Marketing Manager and spacious new offices at 2828 N. Central Ave, fast-growing agency stands ready to expand further, Infinite Reach reports. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PHOENIX — Infinite Reach, one of the region’s leading digital marketing and design agencies, has […]

Facebook Update Reduces Page Like Counts

First–your’e not going crazy. Your Page Likes were higher yesterday or even last week than they are this morning–it’s okay. You’ve done nothing wrong. Second–earlier this year, Instagram created an update that eliminated fake accounts which resulted in a huge drop in followers for celebrities like Rapper, Akon—who lost over 56% of his Instagram audience. […]

Search Has Gone Social: 3 Reasons Why This is Great News!

Here’s what I love about search and social media. First of all, it’s our business. Plain and simple. Second, it makes the intangible—well, nearly tangible. More than ever before companies are approachable, available and are listening to what their fans and community are thinking, feeling and saying. The “old-school” days of cutting off a label […]

Strong SEO is a Start. But Wait…There’s More!

First–don’t shoot me for saying this. Traditional advertising isn’t cutting it anymore. I remember back in the day when I worked as a sales rep for a local TV station in Alaska, KYES Channel 5. It was 1998 and the station owner, Jeremy Lansman, wanted me to start selling ad space on our website. I […]