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4 Tips for Becoming a Better Leader

Being a good leader has to do with a lot more than being a good manager. Managers direct people in how to go about doing their everyday duties, whereas leaders shape the future of an organization by having a vision of the future, and inspiring her team to share that same vision. For a long […]

Motivating Employees Is Easier Than You Think

For any business, motivating employees is important. Motivated employees are happier and more productive than unmotivated employees, and have a profound effect on your bottom line. According to a study by Dale Carnegie Training, unmotivated employees are 2 ½ times more likely to accept another job for any increase in their wages. For years’ businesses […]

Saying No Can Be a Virtue

We all know that certain someone. That person who is always late for the meeting, who is always frazzled and on their way to or from somewhere in a big hurry. We all know that person who seems like they are busy from sun-up to sundown but they never get their own things done. We […]

Staying on Top of Website Updates

Designing the perfect website takes hours of painstaking and arduous work like picking out the pictures and writing the perfect content. Trying to pick the right colors and fonts alone can take quite a lot of your time. Once you finish the design and get your website up and running, you take pride in your […]

Proper Grammar Is Important in Online Content

Using proper grammar and spelling is very important. And when it comes to your business, it is more important than ever before. People decide in the first 2-3 seconds whether or not to stay on your website, and if they encounter grammatical errors and misspelled words, chances are they are going to find another resource. […]