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Pinterest: How to Pin for Your Business

What exactly is Pinterest? For those of you unfamiliar with this amazing social network, Pinterest is “the world’s catalog of ideas.” Find and save Pins of recipes, DIY projects, parenting hacks, style inspirations and many other ideas. Other social networks like the ever so popular Facebook are often what businesses tend to flock to, but […]

Want to Sound More Confident at Work?

Like in almost all areas of life, you want to convey how confident you are to those around you. In relationships, you’ll want to have healthy self-esteem because that will help improve your relationship as a whole. In business, if you have great ideas, you need to know how to communicate them and project them with confidence. […]

Social Media: News, Statistics and Trends

Social media is so popular nowadays! I personally always catch myself checking Instagram and Snapchat every chance I get, just to make sure that I’m up to date with the rest of my social media friends! Also, I love to show what I’m doing in the moment- whether it’s sending a Snapchat of my feet by the […]

Client Appreciation and How To Show It!

At Infinite Reach, our clients are our top priority. We appreciate every single one of our customers because they are what keeps our company going! Customer relations and keeping each client happy is what we strive to do as a small business. As a small gesture to express our appreciation to our new clients, we send a box […]

What Guerrilla Marketing Can Do For Your Business

What is guerrilla marketing, you ask? It’s all about expressing your personal imagination and creativity! While it may be an unconventional marketing strategy, it has been a successful strategy for small businesses. This specific type of marketing relies heavily on taking the customer by surprise by making a lasting impression. It is about creating something that […]